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Are your current cold calling efforts damaging your brand?

The world has changed, buyers have access to an overwhelming amount of information, communication has become digital.

A company’s outreach now involves marketing, touchpoints, sales funnels, multi-platform content, and most salespeople are petrified of picking up the phone and making that first contact.

They are right to be scared because they don’t have the tools to cut through all that noise and demonstrate capability within those first few moments of that call.  

A poorly executed cold call to a C-Suite executive, at best, means you won’t be able to work with that company and at worst can damage your company’s brand. 

This creates significant opportunity for those that do know how.

If you are capable of reversing the paradigm, calling a CEO and getting confirmation that the solutions you offer are the pains points they want solved, then your meetings will explode in both quality and quantity.

You will be able to separate yourself from those companies who are focused on the timing of a digital message as opposed to directly compelling action from a decision-maker in need of a solution.

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What We Do at Precision Outbound

Is your sales process repeatable, scalable, and forecastable? If not have a look at how we can help.

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Why are so many salespeople scared of cold calling?

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Is your current sales training just theory?

Corporate Sales Training

Is your team capable of getting in the room?

Outbound Sales

Can you target a dream logo and book a meeting?

Inbound Sales

Can you convert inquiries with predictable consistency?

Sales Recruitment

Are you engaged in "jackpot recruiting' ?

Our process has impact.

Why Choose Precision Outbound

With over 30 million dollars worth of products and services sold, across 2 continents and multiple industry sectors, we can streamline the entire process from open to close.

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