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Can you seperate yourself in the marketplace?

I was nineteen years old, a young guy cutting his teeth in the world of sales. I was in central London, the square mile, looking out over a fifty strong sales floor, people standing on desks, this echo of the very same pitch being commandingly driven into the ears of these CEOs from all over the world. 

I watched intently as these communication experts somehow weaved a narrative so enticing that decision makers from every major corporation you can think of parted with tens of thousands of pounds to have their advert in our industry publications, the return on investment was significant.

This was before the internet had woven its way into every facet of our lives, when there were still “experts in their field”. 

A time when sellers still had the advantage, because we didn’t have the accumulated knowledge of the human race in our jacket pockets. 

Fast forward 25 years, and the techniques that were used on that sales floor, in today’s market, will not get you results. In fact they will damage your brand, burn out your staff and certainly won’t bring the slew of quality appointments that you are after. 

In the last ten years I’ve watched the market shift to digital interaction, I winced as seasoned professionals lost the ability to control their pipelines, they couldn’t forecast properly, sales managers were panicking as more sales staff missed their targets, and so the rise of the silent sales floor began, emails replacing calls, the buyer happy to be contacted less and the sellers role almost becoming irrelevant, the era of the inbound lead began. 

Hunters became converters, inbound leads, sales funnels, touch points, all became the norm, this created huge opportunity as the outbound market place became less populated and filled by low quality, young SDRs using out of date techniques. 

So I looked at it and got to work, there had to be a way to crack this code, to reverse the paradigm, to become valuable again to the buyer, to demonstrate capability in a few moments on the phone, to look over the horizon for the decision maker and get them engaged again, to cut through the noise and provide genuine value. 

And I did, I solved it, so I opened my own business.

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Jon Bryden

(CEO and Founder)

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