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Can You Get In The Room?

The salesperson knows that this CEO, of this particular company, has the exact issue that their business can solve.

Yet, the salesperson will not pick up the phone, suddenly going on Linked in again, talking to colleagues, calling a client that is already on board to “build the relationship”, going to gym at lunch, anything except calling that “perfect for you client”.

It makes sense, the phone call is just too scary. It’s to do with the fight or flight function of the mind, in short, it means that the sales team does not feel they have an outreach method that is capable of targeting the right companies and getting in the room.

If this individual felt he had the capability to build his pipeline effectively via cold calling they would do it, salespeople are money hungry and they will do anything to avoid the wrath of their sales manager, this behaviour clearly exposes the sales process of the company and is in fact a massive opportunity.

“I’ll call him in the afternoon” – he says, as he finishes an article for Medium and of course the afternoon becomes tomorrow.

Then instead of a call an email goes out, some cookie-cutter email he found from googling “best cold outreach email”.

After that a Linked in “Inmail” and he finally feels confident enough to make the call and gets shut down within 20 seconds.

“We saw your email and we are very happy with our incumbent, goodbye” – Click

And that is what CEOs across the country pay 6 figure salaries for, leaving the heavy lifting to 23-year-old SDRs. Their day to day is facing rejection after rejection trying with all their might to eek out a couple of weak meetings per day, while their managers drive them harder and harder.

It’s not a pretty picture.

If you can’t reverse the paradigm and call a CEO on his mobile and within one minute get confirmation from them that the issues they face match the solutions you offer, then maybe we should talk.

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