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Why are so many salespeople scared of cold calling?

As humans, we can see more shades of green than any other colour in the spectrum, why? 

As we evolved and started to become land dwellers we were very much part of the food chain and so our brains were constantly scanning for danger as there was a significant chance that we could end up being eaten by an apex predator. 

That same hardware is operating and scanning for danger today, so how does this relate to cold calling?

That fight or flight response is triggered when we pick up the phone and face the possibility of rejection from someone who does not what to interact with us because your approach is less than optimal and irritates them. 

The cold call training courses I have seen today are outdated, they are based on an era that has gone, they are based on an era when buyers did not have access to the internet in the way that they do today, however, the answer is not some strange “social selling” where you stalk the buyer online. 

To pick up the phone and call a C-Suite level executive asking how their day is before launching into a one-sided diatribe about how good your products are, who you work with and then try to drill down asking deeper questions, will result in a huge amount of rejection. 

This is why phone anxiety and avoidance behaviour exists for a lot of salespeople and SDRs, they have been rejected so consistently that their EX (employee experience) is very negative. 

The other option I am seeing is “social selling” and this drip-feed of information, basically pestering people. Mass emailing, content building, video outreach, the majority of which will end up in the trash of their email account. 

Ask yourself these questions

  • Are your current cold calling techniques ineffectual and potentially damaging your brand?
  • Are the current staff feeling burnt out, missing targets, and being rejected on the phone?
  • Are you looking at the ROI of the current sales team and questioning their value?

The reality is that you are giving the buyer complete control of the process and if they are looking to solve the challenge your product or solution solves then you could easily start a bake-off, bringing other similar companies into play and often ended up in a discounting scenario, that is assuming they aren’t simply using you to get a reduction in cost from their incumbent supplier. 

So what is best practice? How can you engage a C-Suite level executive in 2021? 

Get in touch and I’ll take you through it. 

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