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Make A Breakthrough With Your Corporate Sales Training In Melbourne

The biggest challenge facing organisations today is the ability to cut through all the noise generated by digital interactions or what I call “begging for a meeting” and being able to get directly in front of a budget holding decision-maker that has the specific issue that your business solution or product can solve. 

We are seeing hunters that aren’t worthy of the name, individuals that are scared of the phone, lots of product knowledge but no one to explain it to. 

We are seeing silos in organisations as 20-year-old SDRs lead with their chin and use poorly designed, out-of-date, cold calling systems that mean constant rejection. 

We are seeing entire industries unable to get in the room or virtual room, leaving huge opportunities for those that can. 

Corporate sales training doesn’t work, it’s a process rather than an event, I have had to experience hyped-up guys on too much coffee trying to breathe life back into systems that may get a brief and short-lived uptick as the sales staff “hustle” a little more. 

As the landscape shifts and we enter the “never normal” a new approach is needed. 

If your sales trainer can’t get on a live call-in front of the individuals they are training and demonstrate how to book a high-quality meeting, guess what?  He is not worth your companies money. 

Today the end game has changed, in the 90’s it was all about closing because the buyers had very limited information.  Today it’s all about opening the call, the first domino, as the buyers don’t believe that they need salespeople at all. 

If you want to find out how, if you want to understand what is needed in 2021 to cut through and be welcomed as a peer into the decision-makers’ inner sanctum, then reach out. 

If you want to learn more then contact me for a consultation.

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