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Inbound Phone Sales Training

Conversion is the entire focus of an inbound inquiry, you’ve been given a psychological advantage, they have contacted you, don’t waste that.

Do you have a repeatable, forecastable and scalable strategy around how to maximize the resources you have spent on acquiring these leads?

Inbound conversion strategy is around framework and questioning models.

Does your current strategy ensure the prospect reveals the reasoning behind why they responded to the marketing messages, and drills down into those needs and wants, prior to engaging in any kind of presentation?

Are the call structures for inbound enquiries the same on each call?
Is there congreunce between the marketing materials the the prospect responded to, and the presentation the sales team engage in?
Is the process repeatable, forecastable, and scalable?

The world has changed and in many ways for the better, digital marketing has allowed us the opportunity to connect buyers and sellers, individuals with a need, and vendors with a solution.

Imagine someone sitting down in front of their computer or device and actively seeking out a specific service or product, one that is just complicated enough that a human being needs to be involved right up to the exceptionally complex requiring several deep interactions.

The key to this is that psychologically the seller has the advantage, the potential client has put their details into a contact form and is expecting a call, do not waste the advantage you have.

This gives the seller the opportunity to control the call, so the first phase of that call should be populated with questions around expectations, around what success would look like for the potential client, dive deep around challenges that the product solves.

Connecting a dollar value to potential lost revenue from not having the product you provide can provide a loose budget level.

Ideally, you can drive down into three or four areas that are specifically affected by not having your product or service.

Call structure is crucial for inbound sales calls, it’s all about conversion, maximizing value.

It’s important to recognise that as humans, no one wants to change anything.

A salesperson’s role is to build a case, normally directly related to dollar value, that presents the current situation as more painful than making a change. At that stage, you become genuinely compelling.

Inbound selling has distinct and specific differences to outbound selling, it’s like comparing pool to snooker, the good news is that once you have encountered every single permutation of an inbound call you can become a master, improving conversion rates month on month, until you are reliable and the executive leadership team can spend revenue based on your performance, your main focus at that point is maintaining the right mindset to be a consistent performer.

A top-end inbound salesperson will become a sales manager’s best friend as their performance will be forecastable and reliable.

If you would like to see what a structured approach looks like, by all means, get in touch.

If you want to learn more about this kind of structure then contact me for a consultation.

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