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Outbound Sales

Outbound Sales

The world has changed, buyers are now more empowered, they have access to overwhelming amounts of information.

This however, creates opportunity.

Can you reverse the paradigm?  In one phone call are you able to establish that their business challenges are the issues that your company can solve? 

If you can, then you have just elevated yourself above all of the marketing and sales information that has passively entered their mind via cold email, linked in adverts, and other social selling tools.

You have become an individual who can assist or see ‘over the horizon’ for this decision-maker, separating yourself from the rest of the noise.

Are your current cold calling techniques ineffectual and potentially damaging your brand?
Are the current staff feeling burnt out, missing targets, and being rejected on the phone?
Are you looking at the ROI of the current sales team and questioning their value?

If you want to learn how to get in the room with the right level of individual, who has told you directly that the issues your business solves are firmly on their agenda, then contact me for a consultation.

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