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Sales Recruitment

Sales Recruiting

Recruitment in a sales role is one of the most significant financial risks a company can take on, it is fraught with potential failure, particularly in today’s environment. 

Recruiting for the outbound sales role has the highest failure rate for any role across the business model. 

So first, some soul searching, is the sales function within the business set up in such a way that the new start is more likely to succeed than fail?

Is your current sales process yielding signifiant ROI?
Are the current staff hitting their targets?
Is the process repeatable, forecastable, and scalable?

One of the big questions to ask is are you involved in “jackpot recruiting” whereby you are hoping to hire someone who will bring with them a process that is repeatable, forecastable, and scalable and that will spread across the sales floor?

If any of these questions make you uncomfortable then it might be an idea to contact us for a consultation.

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