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Picture This…

Your CEO is recognising that the landscape has shifted and is disappointed in missing targets, significant money being left on the table and the sales team’s numbers are woefully short. 

So he sits in front of his computer and types in “Sales Training Melbourne”, looks at a few companies, reads a few testimonials, makes a call, and decides to engage one of those firms. 

A few weeks later the sales team, account managers, senior and junior, put the phones down, leave their computers and leave the environment they normally work in to go to a hotel or a hired out space and listen for a couple of days to a “sales training expert” to talk theory. 

They will energise and refresh the staff making the work that’s needed, look, sound, and smell easier than it is. 

The sales staff will, behind closed doors, raise objections with each other as to why it is not as simple as the sales trainer presents, but as the CEO is in the room they nod and agree as opposed to expressing the truth. 

Sales training today doesn’t address the fundamental changes that have occurred for the buyers, the huge influx of information available to them today means a fundamental shift in approach is needed for an outbound team to be successful. 

The standard model of training is similar to stretching the lifespan of a sales team, but the same frustrations will come back, undoubtedly. 

They may get a small uptick with increased activity, more emails, more “hustle” but sure enough within a very small amount of time that dies back down and the process starts again. 

The reality for telephone sales training today is that most people, the overwhelming majority, are literally scared of the phone. 

The idea of a cold call frightens them and so it should, if they haven’t gone through relevant l professional sales training, specifically about cold calling, or they may have but the sales training program is using a pre-internet approach to cold calling, and I am not talking about “warming” someone up by finding out what school they went to, you strange stalkers. 

So the staff instead of making sales calls are building content and sending Inmails before they dream of picking up the phone and if pushed by the sales manager they will make every excuse under the sun, to not make that cold call.

In 2021 for outbound sales an overhaul is needed, the decision-makers of today do not like poor quality cold calls, if your opening to a call is “Hi, how are you today?” you have just lost that decision-makers respect. 

If you spam these leaders by sending another cookie-cutter email or Inmail, even if it is video content, it’s just more noise adding to the mix of all the other digital interactions that go straight into the spam folder on a daily basis and get zero response.

So What Do You Do?

Well, can these trainers demonstrate in a live example? Can they sit down with the team, pick up the phone and book an appointment with a C-Suite level individual? If not you should not hire them for phone sales training, it’s very simple. 

If you can get permission from the buyer to give you 30 seconds, and then in that 30 seconds pinpoint the exact pain and frustration that they are experiencing then you will have elevated yourself above all the digital content that they get each day, and demonstrated capability immediately, you have now proved that you understand what they are focusing on. 

Package that with some psychology around chasing the “no” instead of “yes” and you might get yourself a decent meeting. 

Feel free to reach out and I’ll show you how to do it.

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