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What is it about cold calling that is so scary?

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Why do all salespeople have a certain degree of avoidance behavior when it comes to cold calling?

Science explains that it’s to do with the amygdala, the R Complex, the reptilian part of the brain, the fight or flight function.

It’s the reason we can see more shades of green than any other colour. The ancient part of the brain is constantly scanning for danger and although we are no longer in the long grass looking out for Sabretooth tigers, this is the area that get’s triggered when we put ourselves at risk of being rejected. 

The old school methodology of  “it’s a numbers game” vomiting benefits at a buyer and hoping they respond or the new school method of  “social selling” whereby people stalk the buyers and then try to leverage that knowledge to get an extra 15 seconds of time on the phone, puts cold callers at a very real risk of rejection and that is where the avoidance behaviour comes from, where that fear state kicks in.

So younger SDR’s come bouncing onto the sales floor and within no time at all are grinding their way through their days, with a sales manager barking at them to be more productive, facing burnout and often leaving for the BBD (bigger better deal).

Often, all they want for Christmas is the holy grail of inbound leads, normally attained by adding some impressively fabricated stats on their CV.

Whereas senior salespeople, the mass majority won’t go near a cold call, hence why we now have the silent sales floor phenomenon, people on big wages doing nothing but digital, no risk outreach, often these are the first people to criticise the leads the SDR’s generate.

This creates friction and silos within the organization and more importantly a bunch of irritated buyers who see zero difference between you and all the other people cold calling them on a daily basis.

In a landscape like this, the companies that can cut through, that can genuinely engage decision-makers with one phone call, have a massive advantage.

If you want to know how to break that pattern, get in touch.

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